Multiple sources provide updates on Eddie Lack who left on a stretcher last night.

Multiple updates on Eddie Lack.

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For those who missed it, last night featured a very scary moment in the National Hockey League. Quite literally in the final moment of the game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Detroit Red Wings, goaltender Eddie Lack appeared to suffer what looked like a serious injury. 

Lack allowed the game winning goal and in the process crashed into the back of his neck, seemingly tweaking his neck in the process. Lack would stay down on the ice for several long moments and a stretcher was eventually brought out as players from both teams stayed out on the ice to watch the proceedings.

Thankfully over night we received a number of positive updates from a number of different sources on the status of Lack. The first came from the man himself:

The big news however has come from the Hurricanes this morning. According to an official announcement from the Hurricanes, Lack was diagnosed with just a neck sprain in hospital and scans failed to find a more serious injury, indicating that he should be alright. 

Glad to see such a horrible looking injury end with such good news.

For those of you who didn't get to see the incident last night, here's how it all went down.