Must see: Minor hockey coach fired for scandalous pregame speech!

Shocking! The players are 13-14 years old and have to listen to perverted words!

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Sometimes, the parents of young hockey players are the ones taking the heat for bad behaviour and violent acts. However, this time around, a coach needed to be blamed and punished for his actions, and that's exactly what he got. 

The Littleton Hawks, a bantam hockey team in Colorado, were about to get on the ice for a game when their coach, who was filmed by one of the players, was caught encouraging his team by swearing and insulting the opposite club. 

In the video, you can hear the coach use the F-word and say horrible things about the other team. You can also hear the young players, who are about 13 or 14 years old, laugh at his comments but also looking stunned. Some cheer, some laugh and others wonder what is going on. 

Fortunately, the coach was fired by the Hockey Association in Littleton and had to apologize to his players. He also wrote a letter to the opposite team to apologize for his comments. 

The coach was looking to motivate his group but clearly did not use the right way to do so. The speeches in the NHL dressing rooms might be as intense, but let's just say the players are old enough to hear it.