Must See: Caps rookie hops in the wrong bench!

Today's funny is brought to you by defenseman Jonas Siengenthaler

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The preseason can be an intense time for young players who are looking to crack an NHL roster. While many veterans are working their way back into season-form, the rookies and prospects are battling every shift they have to prove themselves to the coaching staff and management. Sometimes this can get overwhelming for young players and the simple things may be forgotten. That is exactly what happened to Washington Capitals prospect Jonas Siengenthaler who was shown accidently jumping on the wrong bench in a preseason game against the Montreal Canadiens.

CSN caught Siengenthaler during a pre-period skate jumping onto the Canadiens bench. A very bold tactic that gave everyone a laugh and will certainly make Swiss player one that people will not forget. Even his teammates had fun with it as forward Tom Wilson called him out on twitter with a video followed by hastag #classicmixup. You can see the videp Wilson sent out in his tweet here:

While this may not be the season Siengenthaler ultimately cracks the Capitals roster, it will certainly be one he will not forget – nor will we!