Must See: Former Oilers Hall and Eberle go at each other on social media

Hall absolutely shuts Ebs down. A chirp for the ages.

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It’s no secret that former Edmonton Oilers stars Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle are close friends. The two snipers may have both moved on to new locales, but that hasn’t stopped them from chirping each other on social media.

Take yesterday for instance. In a photo tweeted out by the New York Jets, Hall was clearly trying to get out of the shot. Eberle chimed in with a chirp on Hall’s jeans. But it was Hall’s reply that shut everything down.

Check it out:

Cold blooded, Hallsy. We love it. For the record Eberle is in fact goalless on the campaign, despite playing six games alongside New York Islanders superstar John Tavares. Time to step up your game, Ebs!