MUST SEE: Gerard Gallant goes viral for hilarious inhalation video

Great stuff from Spuddy.



This will certainly go down as one of the funnier moments of the 2022-23 NHL Season, and we've not even begun regular season action yet. During Wednesday night's New York Rangers exhibition game at Madison Square Garden against the New Jersey Devils, a moment was caught on the Rangers bench between head coach Gerard Gallant and Alexis Lafrenière that has since gone viral. 

Hockey players are seen routinely using smelling salts on the bench, which helps to essentially give them a jolt of energy. Lafrenière was partaking in said, and it wasn't long before his head coach wanted a whiff.

Needless to say, it didn't go over very well. Just take a look for yourself: 

"That was the first time, I didn't really like that stuff," Gallant explained to Darren Pang during a break in the action. 

Source: Twitter