Must See: Jagr ties Howe’s historic record

Will he become the all-time leader?

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Jaromir Jagr reached an other milestone in his fabulous career yesterday, as he equalized Gordie Howe for the second rank all-time in games played, playoffs and regular-season games included. Jagr played 1 716 regular-season games and 208 playoff games, for a total of 1 924 games.

Mark Messier is still the number one all-time in games played, as he played 1 992 games (1 756 regular-season games and 236 playoff games). Jagr would tie him if he plays 68 games this season, and he would become the player with the most NHL games played all-time if he plays 69 games. 

What do you think? Can Jagr tie Mark Messier this season? Or will he have to come back and play an other season at the age of 46?