Must See: Leafs’ Andersen goes old school with his new mask

We’ve seen some crazy masks for next season, but this might be the best of them all.

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Thank goodness for goalies. With the dog days of the NHL offseason dragging on, us rabid hockey fans can at least count on a select group on NHL goaltenders to keep us entertained with their new gear for the upcoming season. In recent weeks Henrik Lundqvist, Roberto Luongo and Andrei Vasilevsky have all released photos of their new mask for 2017-18, but Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Freddie Andersen may have the nicest one of them all.

Check it out:

The mask was airbrushed by famous designer Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt and it features a “clean cut vintage styled mask created in hockey textiles.” If you look closely you can see the incredible detail in the mask’s design that makes it appear as though layers of fabric have been peeled back to expose the team’s iconic logo.

While it’s not exactly as instantly recognizable as Felix Potvin’s mask from his heyday in the 1990’s, it’s still an awesome design and, in our opinion, one of the best in the NHL. What do you think Leafs fans? Pass or fail?