Must See: Pastrnak’s first big purchase with his $40 million paycheck

Hey, you gotta stay humble!

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Boston Bruins sniper David Pastrnak isn’t letting his new contract inflate his ego. You won’t see the 21-year-old Czech native flashing $100 bills at the club or roaring around the streets of Boston in a brand new sports car. His first purchase? That would be an $8 chicken teriyaki meal. 

Check it out:

With a nickname like pasta, we were certain he’d at least go for Italian. In any case, the newly rich Pastrnak should be able to afford a few more chicken dinners this season. Big things are expected of the youngster this season in Boston and he’ll be relied upon to improve on his 34 goals and 70 points from 2016-17. Is 40 goals and 80 points out of the possibility? Bruins fans certainly don’t seem to think so.