MUST SEE : Quick with the save of the year candidate!

How can you possibly do that?

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It's easy to fall into a superlative contest when we discuss events of the year. Was this the fight of the year? How about that potential goal of the year sequence? It's always risky to pick a sequence, as everyone see things differently. 

However, yesterday night Jonathan Quick accomplished what everyone can agree is a Save of the year strong contender. 

Watch it again and again if you need. It's not solely the fact that Quick goes from post to post lightning fast that's impressive. It's more the fact that he lifts his left leg to block the half of the net most susceptible to be aimed at and he makes it look so easy. Just try the same position in your living room, you'll see what we mean. It takes an immense amount of strength in the core to pull this one out. 

The Kings still lost 2-1 to the Coyotes, but the sequence was the true highlight of the night.