Must see: Russell snipes puck into his own net, gives Leafs the win

In case you missed it last night :O

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The Toronto Maple Leafs were in a tightly contested game with the Edmonton Oilers on Thursday night, with the teams exchanging goals throughout the majority of the game.

An unfortunate play by Kris Russell proved to be very fortunate for Toronto, as he accidentally rocketed the puck into his own net, costing his team the game.

The Oilers find themselves as one of the league's worst teams yet again, and there appears to be very little sign of them getting out of this funk anytime soon.

The Leafs, meanwhile, improve to 17-9-1, just one point game back of the division and league leading Tampa Bay Lightning, albeit while having played 2 more games.

Russell's goal was credited to Patrick Marleau, as he was the last Leafs player to have touched the puck.

Thank you, Kris!