Must See: Ryan Miller’s new mask featuring wife actress Noureen Dewulf

Hey… can you blame him!?

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Anaheim Ducks goaltender Ryan Miller is something of a traditionalist when it comes to his masks. The 37-year-old veteran is joining a new team this season after three seasons with the Vancouver Canucks and a brief stint with the St. Louis Blues before that and, of course, a lengthy stint with the Buffalo Sabres. In each city he’s donned a basic, if not old school, mask design.

This year in Anaheim though, he’s adding something unique to the backplate. Check it out:

Yup, that’s a silhouette of his beautiful wife Noureen Dewulf and his son Bodhi. While some fans may appreciate a little more definition in his wife’s portrait, we think the outline says it all.

For the full mask, check out the link below:

And if you're still wondering what Dewulf looks like in the flesh, we've got you covered: