Must See: Scary moment as Klefbom sends McDavid flying in Oilers practice

The superstar looked shaken on the play, but is he injured?

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Not known as a defenseman who throws thundering body checks, Edmonton Oilers defender Oscar Klefbom picked a bad target to lay out in practice yesterday. With team captain Connor McDavid barreling down on Klefbom at full speed in a drill yesterday, Klefbom made a pivot and put his full weight into McDavid, sedning the superstar crashing into the net.

It was an ugly scene that could have ended up in disaster for the Oilers. In the end though, McDavid looked to be only shaken up, and annoyed, with the play, not injured. So, rest easy Oilers fans: McDavid will be good to go for Saturday’s game against the Ottawa Senators.

To watch the full clip of the collision and McDavid’s reaction, click the link below: