Must See: Seguin takes on local radio hosts in 3 on 1 challenge

What happens when an NHL superstar takes on three middle-aged, out of shape men?

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Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin is one of the most skilled players in the NHL. The silky smooth 25 year-old has some of the best puck skills in the entire world and, even more importantly, has the confidence to pull off some incredible manoeuvres. So, just how does he compare to regular Joes like you and me?

Well, Seguin took on the guys from Dallas’ Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket and the results were about as you’d expect.

Check it out:

How awesome is that? Seguin makes things look easy, especially when you consider that he’s only having to skate at about 1/100th of his capabilities. Make sure you stick around for the mid-game interview where 14-year old goaltender Casey says bluntly, “I think my team needs to play better.” Awesome.