Must See: Sens’ Karlsson gets chirped hard by Canucks’ Markstrom

The Swedish teammates had a pretty awesome back and forth exchange on social media.

Must See: Sens’ Karlsson gets chirped hard by Canucks’ Markstrom

The Ottawa Senators are preparing to start the season without their captain Erik Karlsson as he is recovering from foot surgery this offseason. They have begun their training camp without him but that hasn’t stopped EK65 from keeping the hockey world updated on his recovery. While he may not be on skates yet, Karlsson posted this Instagram with the caption “fine tuning” which shows him working on his shot accuracy off the ice:

While all hockey fans watched in awe as he was next to perfect on the target practice, fellow Swede goaltender Jacob Markstrom of the Vancouver Canucks was able to poke a little fun by commenting on the video claiming those shots would never go by him. Karlsson fired back at his international teammate saying he can’t wait to snipe on him. You can find the full exchange of chirps here:

Despite the two clearly joking around, this social media fun may have ignited a more intriguing matchup as Karlsson’s Senators take on Markstrom’s Canucks twice in October. The biggest question will be if King Karl will be healthy enough to strap on the skates for the games which take place October 10th in Vancouver and the 17th in Ottawa. Who do you have your bets on in a shootout with Karlsson facing Markstrom in nets?