Must See: This Radko Gudas sequence from last season was absolutely insane

Was this the best defensive play of 2016-17?

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When people think hockey highlights, they usually think unreal goals or massive hits, meaning defensive plays tend to fly under the radar.

One of the best defensive plays from 2016-17 comes from Philadelphia Flyers' defenseman Radko Gudas. 

Right before captain Claude Giroux hammered a one-timer past Marc-Andre Fleury in late-November, Gudas made a sensational play at the blueline to keep the puck onside. Not once but three times do the Penguins try to clear the zone only to have their efforts thwarted by the sprawling Flyers' blueliner.

It's a play so brilliant it deserves it's own isolated GIF.

With so many great goals scored on a nightly basis, it's easy to forget these type of plays which make everything possible. Was this ridiculous sequence from Gudas the best defensive play of 2016-17?