Must see: Tortorella does the unthinkable after humiliating loss!

These people have a job to do, coach!

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Most National Hockey League fans will get it; the Columbus Blue Jackets got roasted 7-2 by one of the league's struggling teams, the Edmonton Oilers, and head coach John Tortorella was not expecting it...


However, fans expected an explanation, a statement, something to make them understand what happened. Well, "Torts" was not going to provide one for them and the media members. 

The coach came out and held the shortest press conference ever. While being polite, Tortorella did not face any question following the humiliating loss. The presser lasted approximately 14 seconds. 

Many media members and fans were outraged by his decision, hoping to get more answers from the team. 

 These people have a job to do, coach!