Myers sucker punches Erne, who got him in a head hold!

​Is this the WWE?

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The Vancouver Canucks had victory on their minds when they faced off against the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night, however, defenseman Tyler Myers’ focus drifted a tad during the third period of the contest. 

The Red Wings were clearly getting frustrated, losing 5-1 at the hands of the Canucks, and Adam Erne decided to take his anger out on Myers. The forward went on to head hold Myers - who is much taller than him - and take him down to the ice. While officials were busy elsewhere, Myers found a way to get out of the hold… 

He went on to sucker punch - or elbow - Erne in the head as the winger found himself vulnerable on the ice. Check out what happened: 

To be completely honest, Erne was to blame in the sequence… Since when do players choke one another and don’t expect retaliation in return? 

You have to admit Myers caught him by surprise with that hook… 

It felt like I was watching some WWE action last night!