Mystery player skates with John Tavares and Leafs fan rip into him!

We understand why they get nervous…

Published 1 year ago
Mystery player skates with John Tavares and Leafs fan rip into him!
Mike Zeisberger of

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ training camp opens today and already fans are ripping into the team’s decisions and GM Kyle Dubas’ reputation.

Early on Wednesday, it was reported that captain John Tavares showed up at the fancily an hour early, working out and skating ahead of the rest of the team’s arrival.

It’s great to see that Tavares is ready to go and fans had nothing bad to say about his hard work, however, focus quickly changed to whoever was skating with him on the ice when several insiders and reported for the Maple Leafs couldn’t figure out who was with him.

Per Mike Stephens, “there was a player wearing #56 skating with Tavares this morning.

There is no #56 listed on the Leafs training camp roster.”

He was not the only one pointing out the mystery player, as Mike Zeisberger of also reported that Tavares was “one of two players on the ice getting extra work in.” He did not say who what that mystery player.

Fans were quick to rip into the Maple Leafs and their management, as we know GM Kyle Dubas has the reputation of signing out of the box players ahead of the season opening. Some fans did target the GM and the team’s lineup with funny jokes as they still attempt to find out who was on the ice with Tavares:

Who is the mystery player?

We will post the answer here if it gets revealed.