Nathan MacKinnon, Mitch Marner and more share a VERY controversial opinion.
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Nathan MacKinnon, Mitch Marner and more share a VERY controversial opinion.

These NHL superstars are insane!

Jonathan Larivee

Sports fans love their professional athletes and that may be even more true of fans of the National Hockey League who have been known to brag about the fact that their league boasts the best athletes on the planet, both in terms of athletic skill and when it comes to the quality of human beings in the sport itself.

Every once in a while though a certain professional athlete or favorite player can say or do something that will forever alter your perception of that player, with controversial statements sometimes permanently altering the general public's view of a particular athlete.

This week, several NHL superstars took a risk of this nature when they were asked a particularly disgusting question "Is Mac and Cheese better with Ketchup?" Now of course we all know that the thought of drowning some Mac and Cheese in some Ketchup is absolutely disgusting, but somewhat surprisingly not every NHL player felt that way.

Here are just a few of the controversial statements that were made in favor of this nightmarish culinary practice:

Mitch Marner: (after a long pause) Ooooo. Agree.

Nathan MacKinnon: Mac and Cheese is better with Ketchup.

Zach Hyman: Everything is better with Ketchup so I will agree.

Jakob Chychrun: Completely agree. I absolutely love Ketchup on my Mac and Cheese. A lot of people have told me I'm crazy when they see I do that, but I think it just goes together incredibly.

Jared Spurgeon: Mac and Cheese is 100% better with Ketchup.

Thankfully not everyone was on board with this insanity and several NHL players came to the rescue by offering the only correct opinion regarding Ketchup on Mac and Cheese:

Charlie McAvoy: That's disgusting. Unpopular.

Tim Stutzle: Disagree.

Seth Jones: Mac and Cheese is not better with Ketchup.

Pierre-Luc Dubois: That's just gross. No I disagree.

Thatcher Demko: That's so Canadian. So I'm not on the same page as that one for sure.

There were actually a pair of NHL players that I would argue fell somewhere in the middle of this debate, here's what they had to say on the matter:

Tyler Toffoli: Mac and Cheese, I had it with Ketchup when I was younger but, I think, now that I'm older it does not belong with Mac and Cheese.

Dylan Cozens: I'm kind of 50/50 on that. Depends on what I'm feeling.

Some of the very genuine reactions to this question are definitely worth seeing first hand, so I highly recommend you check out the video below to hear all of the responses from the players themselves.