NBC broadcaster Doc Emrick does play-by-play on windshield wiper replacement

Oh how I’ve missed this voice!

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Let’s face it… this sucks. We’re all in this together but, it would be a lot easier to get through things if we had some damned hockey on the TV to help get us through. I’d give just about anything to hear the dulcet tones of NBC broadcaster Doc Emrick right now. Fortunately, the NHL on NBC broadcaster has stepped up and delivered! 

It’s not quite what I was hoping for, but here’s Emrick doing play-by-play at his local mechanic’s shop while a tech installs a new windshield wiper on his vehicle:

Gotta admit… I love it!

Just hearing Doc’s voice puts me at peace.

"This is like having Gordon Ramsay come to your house and having make microwave popcorn.” Priceless!