Near-death experience on the ice for Wings’ top prospect Moritz Seider!
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Near-death experience on the ice for Wings’ top prospect Moritz Seider!

Geez, so glad he’s okay! This could have been like the Clint Malarchuk incident...



You guys all know this by now hockey is a freaking dangerous sport, there is no doubt about, but we were quickly reminded of how dangerous it can be when we saw footage on what happened to Detroit Red Wings top prospect Moritz Seider, who was selected sixth overall in last year’s draft. 

The 19-year-old forward is currently playing in Sweden while he awaits to see what will happening in the National Hockey League and his place on the Wings’ roster for the upcoming season. 

The incident was caught on tape in which we can see that Seider took a skate to his throat while battling for the puck with an opponent. The rival player fell on Seider who never imagine the blade was coming so close to his jugular vein! Thankfully, he was saved by his neck guard, which reminds us how important it is to be well protected while playing the tough game of hockey. 

Check this out, this scene is making us shiver: 

We are not exaggerating by saying that it was a near-death experience for the kid. Imagine if he hadn’t be protected! 

Oh yes, you’re thinking of what happened to Buffalo Sabres goaltender Clint Malarchuk. Back in 1989, in the middle of a televised hockey game, the skate of an opposing player connected with Malarchuk’s throat — and severed his jugular vein.

“I think: ‘I’m going to die in two or three minutes,’” Clint remembers of realizing what had happened. “My first thought was to get off the ice, because my mom was watching on TV up in Canada.”

“I didn’t want her to go through that, to see her son die on the ice.”

Clint didn’t die, despite the devastating injury. Miraculously, the team’s trainer — a Vietnam War veteran — was able to stem the bleeding. But he was traumatized by it for a very long time. 

We can only imagine what would have needed to be done in Sweden if Seider’s throat had been slashed. Let’s hope all the medical personnel on site is ready for that type of incidents. 

But let’s mostly hope this never happens again, or if it does that the player involved is as protected as Seider was! 

Source: Complete Hockey News