Neuvirth makes a filthy save at the buzzer to secure the win.

that's not even fair.

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The Flyers have really struck gold with the performance of goaltender Michael Neuvirth this season and he made one of the best saves he's made all season and it could not have been more clutch.

First of all the puck could not have been any closer to going in the net without being ruled a goal, the paddle save from Neuvirth stopped the bug right on the goal line before he could regain control of the puck and ice the game for the Flyers.

I say ice the game because as close as the puck was crossing the line, the clock was almost just as close to sounding the final buzzer marking the end of the contest, in fact by the time the whistle had been blown their remained less than 2 seconds left in the game.

An incredibly clurch save from Neuvirth.