New controversy unfolds in Chicago: the Blackhawks never saw this coming!

This quickly took a turn for the worse with the Hawks attempting to fix the damage.



There have been many controversies with the Chicago Blackhawks in recent years, especially the first one that comes to mind with the terrible sex assault scandal involving prospect Kyle Beach.

This summer, thanks to the first overall pick at the 2023 NHL Draft, the Hawks is embarking a major shift with generational talent Connor Bedard becoming the new face of the franchise.

On top of that, GM Kyle Davidson has brought on Nick Foligno, Taylor Hall, Ryan Donato and Corey Perry to the roster.
However, the Hawks have still managed to land in a new controversy as the team’s podium has gone viral and has angered several people online.

As it was pointed out by some media outlets, including Montreal’s RDS, people claim that there is a parallel to be drawn between the colours and lines of the new podium with those displayed by Adolf Hilter and the Third Reich.

When the Hawks noticed how the situation was getting worse on social media, the organization finally made the decision to remove the photos showing the podium, zooming in on players’ faces like they did for new addition Corey Perry.

After such a huge scandal with Beach and Brad Aldrich, which led to Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman being fired, you can’t blame the Blackhawks for wanting to stay away from trouble.

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