New Maple Leafs memorabilia may be one of the most bizarre ever.

What the hell?

Jonathan Larivee

The world of sports memorabilia is a very interesting and very deep rabbit hole that one can fall into for literally years and even decades at a time, and when it comes to the National Hockey League it is no exception. You can always find awesome or sometimes bizarre items available at auction, but this past week a man that specializes in finding strange memorabilia may have found one of the most bizarre items yet.

That man, who goes by the online nickname "El Seldo" has written many an article in the past about strange items the Toronto Maple Leafs have tried to sell to their fans, articles like this one here, but this week he may have topped himself when he discovered a certain item being auctioned on the Real Sports Auction website. The website sells tons of Maple Leafs merchandise, as well as items from other teams, but the one focused on in this story was a hat going for a whopping $150.

It's not the most outrageous price for a piece of memorabilia to be sure, but it is the nature of the item that makes the price so outrageous. This isn't a hat that was worn by a Toronto Maple Leafs player, nor is it even a hat that bears the Maple Leafs logo, but instead it is a hat that was worn by a random guy or gal during the game in which Auston Matthews scored his 60th goal of the season.

That's right, this is one of the many fan-owned hats that was tossed out onto the ice after Matthews scored goal #60 this season, that is to say the Maple Leafs didn't even pay for it themselves. In this case the hat was one sporting the Toronto Blue Jays logo, which really serves as the cherry on top of this very bizarre sundae.

First here is a look at the item itself:

Here's a look at the description of the item from the website where it is being sold, as you'll notice it comes with a certificate of authenticity so everyone can know how much you paid for a hat that was essentially picked up off the ground after being discarded by another fan.

Definitely one of the more bizarre auctions we've come across, especially in recent memory.