New Oilers jersey gets leaked and fans have best reaction!



It looks like we are getting a preview of what the Edmonton Oilers’ third jersey will be this upcoming season.

According to experts Icethetics’ report, leaked images show the team is bringing back the Todd McFarlane “Spawn” jerseys from the early 2000s with a twist.

The original version of the jerseys, which were worn in Edmonton between the 2001-02 and 2006-07 seasons, featured a dark blue body with white and silver stripes along with a silver and blue comet logo crest.

Now a picture shared and posted by Icethetics show that the silver stripes on the arm have been changed from silver to orange. Also, the oil drop in the comet on the shoulder patches and main crest have been changed from dark blue to orange.

The pictures were leaked and posted on social media and fans are loving it. Here are a few reactions from the fanbase hinting at a massive success in sales once it drops for the 2022-23.

Do you like it as much as these guys do?