New plan unfolds for Maple Leafs to shake loser’s mentality

New plan unfolds for Maple Leafs to shake loser’s mentality

Something “more critical than any coaching or core change”, says insider:

Chris Gosselin

So many rumours have surfaced ever since the Toronto Maple Leafs have been eliminated from the postseason by the Boston Bruins last week. From trade rumours involving star forward Mitch Marner or captain John Tavares to an imminent coaching in Sheldon Keefe getting the boot, Frank Seravalli now claims something else needs to change before all of that in order for the Maple Leafs to shake loser’s mentality and finally get success during the postseason.

The insider believes this is “more critical than any coaching or core change”:

“One of the most startling aspects of the Leafs’ playoff failures over the past eight years isn’t so much that they lack a killer instinct as Shanahan once said, but that a mentality seems to permeate the organization from top to bottom that is conducive to losing. A paranoia, a fear of pressure, a pall and heavy burden from the ghosts of playoffs’ past all appear to be real emotions that envelope the Leafs. They seem so concerned about the eyeballs and the market and the pressure cooker that they believe they play in (which may be real or perceived depending on the day) that it’s getting in their way. Figuring out how to flush that may be more critical than any coaching or core change, but players feel and internalize all of that.”

Easier said than done…

There is no doubt that changes will come to Toronto, which are bound to include some shuffling in the lineup and organization and finding a solution for the Maple Leafs’ scoring troubles in the playoffs.

Can it be all about shaking off a loser’s mentality? I’m afraid that comes with players coming into the dressing room with that attitude and if the change does not come from up top in management, down to coaching staff and then onto the players, this will never be possible.

And so, despite Seravalli having a point in that important change that needs to occur in Toronto, I do believe it will have to come with a coaching change, some significant upgrade at the reins and some trades and additions to the lineup this summer.

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