New playoff cameras result in overturned goal in Game 1.

The NHL's new cameras are paying off early.

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When you're a fan of a team who gets denied a goal because of a camera angle, you probably don't feel great about it, but deep down we are all happy technology is there to guarantee that the right call is made, and the potential for human error is minimized.

In the hopes of getting it right more often the National Hockey League introduced the addition of new blue line cameras for this year's post season, and they paid off on the very first night of the playoffs.

In Game 1 between the Detroit Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightning, Lightning defenseman believed he had given the Lightning the go ahead goal when he fired off a gorgeous shot top corner to score on Detroit's Jimmy Howard. It was only after review that it was ruled a no goal, as the Lightning had entered the Detroit zone offside, wiping the beautiful goal away.

It was a tough break for Tampa Bay, and their fans certainly voiced their displeasure, but it was undoubtedly the right call.