New seating at TD Garden has Bruins fans in an uproar.

This can not be comfortable.

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It sounds like Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs has decided to squeeze a few extra dollars out of his fan base each and every night they play at TD Gardens arena, but it also sounds like it will come at the expense of the comfort those fans enjoy when attending Bruins' games. 

Throughout the preseason reports have begun to emerge on social media regarding how cramped the seating at TD Gardens has become after the decision was made to add an additional 400 seats to the complex, and now we've got some images that certainly seem to support those claims. A user on Reddit who goes by the name "Explain_Like_Im_3" posted an image on the Boston Bruins subreddit that shows his particular point of view during the preseason, and needless to say it does not appear like he has very much leg room at all. The image has already gone viral on social media and had rightfully caused concern among the Bruins fan base, especially for those who are above average in size. 

As you can see the fan in question seems to be struggling with very limited space, and it makes you wonder how a particularly tall person would look sitting in that chair. This apparently was in the Lodge section of the arena and not only are the seats reportedly more cramped, but some fans are also claim that each individual seat was also more narrow as well. As you can see below the reaction from the fan base has not been a positive one.

One fan claims that multiple people have been forced to leave the game early due to the discomfort they have suffered, although that might be pushing it a little I must admit. 

Although even with that being said, one fan claiming to be just 5'6 says the seats are uncomfortable even for him.

It will be interesting to see how fans react as the regular season gets underway.