Newly hired NHL head coach makes surprising comments about his team

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Coaching in the National Hockey League is becoming harder and harder... every coach seem to be on the hot seat at some point in the season. 

Only seven of the league’s 31 coaches have been at their post more than two seasons, and only Chicago Blackhawks' Joel Quenneville has coached for more than four full seasons. 

Gerard Gallant has a new challenge to face, becoming the first Vegas Golden Knights' coach. And Gallant is aware of the fans' expectations for the inaugural season. 

However, Gallant made surprising comments about his team in a interview with the NHL website. Although he is aware of the good players he has on his roster, he is unsure of who will be his number one defenseman and if any of them can be a superstar. 

"There's going to be issues," Gallant said. "Some nights we're going to have trouble scoring goals. You look at our roster, there's a lot of good players. Are there any superstars there?"

"Our goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has had an outstanding career. There's some real good players. But there's no [Connor] McDavid, Sidney Crosby, those types of players."

The fans, the Knights and Gallant will hence have to be realistic for the first season, and also very patient.