NHL activist Akim Aliu calls for Steve Simmons to be fired.

NHL activist Akim Aliu calls for Steve Simmons to be fired.

Akim Aliu is not happy.

Jonathan Larivee

Over the weekend, controversial Toronto columnist Steve Simmons came under fire after he published a piece in which he laid into National Hockey League activist Akim Aliu.Simmons called into question Aliu's legitimacy as a voice on the topic of hockey, pointing to the fact that he had very limited experience in the NHL and largely failed to find a place on any team, in any league, and at any level for any real length of time throughout his career in North America and overseas.

Those comments kicked up quite a stir and ever since publishing the article Simmons has been under fire, including receiving some harsh backlash from Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Wayne Simmonds who was also mentioned in the Simmons article.

While Simmonds was highly critical of Simmons, the harshest backlash that Simmons would face would come from Aliu himself who took to his social media to fire back at the Toronto journalist on Saturday night. Not only did Aliu openly accuse Simmons of racism, but he also quite clearly called for him to be fired from his job.

"People like Steve are what's wrong with society," said Aliu during a 2 minute video published to his social media. "You have absolutely no clue, Steve, what I and my family have been through both physically and emotionally since I started playing hockey and the scars it has left."

"You're a racist and you're an arrogant, and you have zero credibility and respect from even your own peers in the media space and athletes alike," said Aliu towards the end of the video. "And if the Toronto Sun had any integrity whatsoever, you would never write another column again."

To say that Aliu held nothing back here would be quite the understatement, and it's clear that the NHL activist is very angry about the things Simmons wrote about him in his most recent column for the Toronto Sun. For Aliu's full thoughts on the matter, you can hear him in his own words in the short video below posted to his timeline on social media.