NHL agent accuses Stanley Cup winning coach of bigotry, matter is being investigated.

Investigation may have already begun.

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National Hockey League head coach Claude Juliehas been around the league a very long time and has pretty much done it all during his tenure behind the bench of various NHL organizations.

This week however the former Stanley Cup and Jack Adams Trophy winner was likely shocked by what he encountered when an NHL agent came out of nowhere and seemingly accused Julien of bigotry towards Russian players. 

National Hockey League Player's Association Dan Milstein was commenting on the issues Montreal Canadiens Alex Galchenyuk was having under Julien when he suggested that Julien had an issue with Russian players. 

“Alex Galchenyuk isn’t a problem but coach is. Has never successfully coached Russian. Took midseason most-Russian club. All but one Russian gone.”

Milstein is correct in his assessment that the Canadiens shed a large part of their Russian talent this summer, however the comments are very confusing that Galchenyuk is an American-born player.

The backlash against Milstein was swift and vicious and the player agent quickly deleted the statements he made on social media regarding the issue, now however he has seemingly doubled down on his previous comments. 

“These are my observations,” Milstein told Sportsnet's Eric Engels. “I represent several Russian players, and I know Alex is not one of them and I’m out of line for commenting because I don’t represent him. But I’m just stating the facts.

“I have nothing but respect for [Canadiens general manager] Marc Bergevin. But it seems obvious the coach doesn’t like Russians"

While it's true that Milstein does represent a number of Russian players, he does not represent Alex Galchenyuk and now according to Engels there is talk that the NHLPA is launching an investigation into Milstein and this matter which could mean big time trouble for the agent.