NHL agent calls out “shit show” treatment of Ryan Reynolds.
Justin Tang/The Canadian Press  

NHL agent calls out “shit show” treatment of Ryan Reynolds.

An agent that represents several players in the National Hockey League is casting aspersions on the sale of the Ottawa Senators.

Jonathan Larivee

The National Hockey League is about to kick off the Stanley Cup Final that will be contested between the Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers on Saturday night, but unfortunately for the league much of the talk north of the border has focused in and around the sale of the Ottawa Senators.

The process has turned into something of a fiasco as far as the public is concerned with numerous reports regarding the sale coming out, only to be refuted by the parties involved a short while later as every hopeful bidder tries to gain an advantage. This week was no exception with reports that Jeffrey and Michael Kimel were out of the running, a report that was once again refuted a short while later.

It would seem this latest salvo was the straw that broke the camel's back for player agent Allan Walsh who took to social media following the news and was highly critical of the sale process.

"The entire process can be described with 2 words- “Shit show!” The stuff I’ve heard about how Ryan Reynolds was treated by the League is explosive," wrote Walsh.

His comments regarding the treatment of Reynolds are particularly interesting given that Reynolds and his group pulled out of the process relatively early on. Whether or not Walsh will be sharing any of those stories once the sale has been completed remains to be seen.