NHL announcers caught making shocking comments about player on hot mic!

Brutal insults from a pair of professionals.

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A pair of National Hockey League announcers may be in big trouble after they were caught making some absolutely brutal comments about a young NHL player.

While the video has quickly been taken down, it originally went up online and showed quite clearly that the announcing team of Rick Ball and John Garrett were making some very disparaging remarks about the intellect of Calgary Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

While the video is no longer available, here is a transcript of what was said as per Yahoo Sports:

“Brodie’s is … that’s just a complete lack of … you got no composure when you’re doing that. He’s down already.”

“If you don’t rip Dougie Hamilton, I will. Stupidest [expletive] penalty you can take.”

“How about the T.J. Brodie one, too? But you’re right, that Dougie Hamilton one.”

“Does he had a [expletive] brain?”

“He doesn’t. He’s stupid as [expletive].”

“I don’t know him that well.”

“He’s not an intelligent guy.”

“You’re Mr. Flames, so you probably know him better than I do.”

Update: We have located another version of the video, here it is.

Damning stuff to say the least.