NHL announces rule change for the preseason and fans are confused!



The National Hockey League can be full of surprises. On Friday, the league decide to bring a change to the preseason and announced that “every game this preseason will have the potential to include a shootout, but only those tied after overtime will be officially scored as such.”

More shootouts? The NHL is not getting the memo on shootouts… At least, they won’t all count. 

Fans have shown more and more dislike for the postseason, especially after exciting postseason games when it’s do or die overtimes. The 3-on-3 overtime we get to see also make things more exciting on the ice and fans have been hoping to see games to be won that way, more than heading into the dreaded overtime. 

The only thing we can hope for with this announcement is that players will put on a show and no one will get hurt doing it. 

What do you make of this change?