NHL announces two players have been fined for diving.

One of these is frankly embarrassing.

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If you want fans of the National Hockey League to really dislike you, regardless off what team you play for, one of the easiest ways to go about is to earn yourself a reputation for taking a dive. Hockey fans tend to value toughness, and players who dive are the antithesis of toughness.

On Thursday the NHL announced that not one but two players had received fines for their disgraceful dives, and while both players deserve their fair share of criticism, one stands out in particular. First Devante Smith-Pelly was fined for a dive that occurred during his time with the Montreal Canadiens, when he embellished on a slash late last month.

The other and more blatant dive also came as a result of embellishing a slash, and this one came form New Jersey Devil Joseph Blandisi, and while we could go into detail about how humiliating this experience should be for him, we've decided the video does it far more justice.

Imagine having to pay $2,000 because you decided to take this swan dive, one that will forever remain on video.