NHL calls out referees for not overturning a goal last night!

These referees are in hot water!

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Someone forgot to do his job correctly on Tuesday and that someone was wearing stripes. 

During the first period of the game between the Minnesota Wild and New Jersey Devils last night, the Devils tied things up as rookie Jesper Boqvist scored his first NHL career goal. 

Or did he? 

The Wild issued a coaching challenge on the play seeing that they believe there was a missed stoppage prior to the goal as Devils forward Wayne Simmonds high sticked the puck into the neutral zone. 

However, the referees disagreed and allowed the goal. Unfortunately for them, the NHL is now saying they were wrong for allowing that goal and call them out: 

All ended well for the Wild who got away with the 3-2 win, but could you imagine how ugly things could have been if that would have been the deciding goal? We wonder how Boqvist feels that his first NHL goal isn't really one... 

For what it's worth, head coach Bruce Boudreau revealed after the game that the official came over and apologized for making the mistake. Captain Ryan Suter was glad to see them admitting the mistake, something that does not happen all the time in the league. 

"At least they admitted it. I give them a lot of credit. A lot of guys, they don’t admit to their mistakes."

Those refs are in trouble! We won’t see them at the Stanley Cup final, I say…