NHL captain blames himself and teammates for lousy season start

Blunt comments made by the team leader!

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A captain in the National Hockey League is expected to lead his team and show them by example what needs to be done on the ice. And Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn believes he has let his team down in that department. 

After a 4-1 loss at the hands of the Nashville Predators, Benn was quite blunt in his post-game comments. According to him, the Stars are struggling, winning only one game out of the gate. The star forward noted that he and his teammates are to blame for the lousy start to the season. 

"It starts with myself... Playing the right way and trying to lead the way, and it's not good enough and when you set a bad example, the rest of the team will follow," Benn explained after the game. 

The captain went on to say that Stars need to improve on controlling the momentum of the game and take it back from opposite teams to be able to sign more victoires. 

So far, the Stars only have one win in four contests this season. Coach Ken Hitchcock and Benn are hoping to find a solution real soon...