NHL coach steps away following pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
Anaheim Ducks  

NHL coach steps away following pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

A very sad bit of news as a beloved NHL coach is forced to step away following a terrible diagnosis.

Jonathan Larivee

The Anaheim Ducks have shared some very sad news today.

On Monday, the Ducks provided what they described as a "medical update" on beloved goaltending coach Sudarshan Maharaj, better known as "Sudsie" in the hockey community, and the news was nothing short of devastating.

The Ducks have revealed that Maharaj will now be taking a leave of absence from the team following a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, one that will require both surgery and chemotherapy to treat. In a great show of class, the Ducks have announced that they won't be replacing Maharaj during his absence, but will instead hire an assistant goaltending coach to assume his duties until he has made a full recovery.

Maharaj himself released a statement thanking the Ducks for their support during this trying time.

"While this has been a very difficult time, I have had amazing support from my family and the Ducks organization, especially owners Henry and Susan Samueli," said Maharaj in a statement as per "A special thanks also to Jillian Samueli for her amazing support and friendship."

Maharaj has also stated that he will fight this disease to the best of his abilities, and vowed to be back among the hockey community in short order.

"I plan on fighting this disease vigorously with the help of my tremendous doctors both in Toronto and with the Ducks. The hockey community is an amazingly supportive place, and I look forward to seeing you all soon."

I would like to wish Maharaj both a full and speedy recovery.