NHL coaches fighting to get full salary before returning to play!

Uh oh…

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Fans had to deal with NHL players fighting for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, before a new extension was voted in place on Friday, but now it sounds like NHL head coaches are also looking to fight to get their full paycheque. 

Darren Dreger explained on Tuesday night’s edition of Insider Trading on TSN that while some teams were forced to cut salary and staff in order to save money when the pandemic hit four months ago, employees, including coaches, are now hoping to getting paid full-time once again.

“Obviously it’s a very sensitive issue to all those who are involved. The NHL Coaches’ Association is trying to get all head coaches and assistant coaches back up to full salary. Those who accepted the voluntary pay reduction or those who contractually were forced to take it because of the term ‘pause.’ Now some contracts include a force majeure clause which, in this case, was triggered by the NHL going into pause. So the Coaches’ Association is working with the NHL, but an important distinction here too is that the NHL doesn’t govern over this. This is a club by club situation and I’m happy to report the majority of NHL teams that were forced to cut back salaries have returned to full pay.”

As Dreger points out, it could be tricker with some teams, seeing that the NHL does not have control over this. Owners will need to respond and see what happens next for coaches and staff members. 

The NHL pause and the COVID-19 pandemic was tough on everyone, and we certainly hope things can get back to normal for the folks involved. AND mostly, that nothing hinders the process of resuming play as clubs will travel from their home markets on July 26 to either Toronto or Edmonton, the hub cities where all of the games will be played. 

Let’s see how this turns out…