NHL considering changing rules for offside Coaches Challenge

Will it get rid of the challenge rule for offsides altogether!?

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There will be lots to discuss at the general managers’ March meeting and one thing that will please fans: NHL insider Pierre LeBrun confirms that the National Hockey League will re-examine the skate in the air debate on offside calls. 

The NHL’s Executive Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell revealed on Tuesday that a debate will take place amongst GMs to put an end to the constant controversy. 

Two years ago, the GMs decided the offside rule should be left unchanged after debating the merits of amending it to allow for a player to be considered onside as long as one of his skates has broken the vertical plane of the blue line regardless if it is in contact with the ice.

Many fans have gotten fed up with the miscalls and long reviews that often take place on the ice after a difficult call is made on the angle of a skate and the views from the cameras. 

Some fans wonder why there is constant resistance from general managers and the league to the overhaul of the offside rule.

They could decide to focus on the puck only - as it should, I mean:  Either the puck enters the O-Zone first or it doesn’t. It’s really just that simple! But finally, we should get a clearer idea this spring. 

Here’s to hoping!