NHL cuts down training camp and exhibition games ahead of playoff tournament

​It sounds like crunch time!

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While it was first believed that a three-week training camp would take place for teams taking part in the National Hockey League’s return to play plan in early August, it now looks like their preparation time will be shorted than first expected. 

According to what insider Louis Jean of TVA Sports has learned, some teams will have to deal with much shorter training camps before of the lack of time ahead of the start of the 24-club playoff tournament. 

He also added that while it was first reported that teams would benefit from two exhibitions before the tournament kicks off, Jean fears it will be cut down to just one in the end. 

“The initial plan was for all 24 teams to play two exhibition games but it will likely only be only one. Given the time crunch, some teams I spoke to are tweaking their camps, expecting them to be shorter than anticipated.

“Again, things are fluid and nothing is set in stone yet but teams are under the impression they will play only one exhibition game. Will see what happens.”

As you know by now, a lot of things can still change before everything, especially a fixed schedule, is set in stone. 

Phase 3, the opening of the aforementioned training camps, is expected to kick off in a week, on July 10th, but we have to official word from the league that the date will be respected. 

The NHL and its players have taught us in the past months to remain on the edge and never, EVER, hold our breaths before an official announcement is made.