NHL enforcer calls out racist fan by name live on air! Challenges him to meet face to face.

This guy made a huge mistake.

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We may have found the single dumbest hockey fan in the entire world. 

On Tuesday former National Hockey League enforcer Georges Laraque was floored when he received a racist message from a one of the listeners of his radio program, a fan who has been identified as one Tom Pelletier.

Here's the big problem for Tom. Prior to sending Laraque the racist message Tom signed up to a contest that will see the winner head out to Chicago on a trip with Laraque himself and his co-hosts, and part of that sign up including providing details about your indentity including your personal phone number. 

This resulted in a furious Laraque publicly outing Pelletier live on air during his radio show, and obviously Pelletier has now been disqualified from this contest as well as from participating in any contest in the future. 

The best part however came when Laraque issued a challenge to Pelletier to come to his home and repeat the insult to his face, seemingly challenging the man to a fight on his property. 

We will be following up with the details of this story as the develop.\