NHL executives predict Jack Eichel is headed to one of two teams.

Eichel's time in Buffalo may be running out.


Although there are teams that are performing even worse than them this season, the Buffalo Sabres have once again claimed their spot as the laughing stock of the National Hockey League.

What can only be described as a complete clown show in Buffalo has reached new levels over the weekend when head coach Ralph Krueger's reputation took a serious hit after comments he made regarding an injury to star forward Jack Eichel were directly contradicted by the player himself. This has once again raised questions about Eichel's future with the organization, both because the Sabres are clearly in need of some drastic changes and also due in large part to the fact that fans simply do not want to see a great talent waste his career away on a losing franchise. 

Trading Jack Eichel will obviously be easier said than done and it would be such a blockbuster deal at this stage of his career that it is hard to imagine a world in which it actually happens. In spite of that however there are some NHL executives that believe Eichel will in fact be traded and by the sound of things it sounds like two of the NHL's biggest markets are at the top of the list. 

Speaking with NHL insiders Craig Custance and Eric Duhatschek under the condition of anonymity, one executive revealed that he believes Eichel will land on the New York Rangers, one way or another.

"I think at the end of the day, Jack Eichel is going to end up a New York Ranger,” predicted the executive as per The Athletic. "I just don’t know when that’s going to be."

From the Rangers perspective it would certainly makes sense and no doubt many fans will be left salivating at the prospect of seeing Eichel play alongside a legitimate talent like Rangers forward Artemi Panarin, but a second source believes the Rangers are not such a likely destination. Focusing on the fact that the Sabres are unlikely to trade Eichel to a team in the east, this source suspect the Los Angeles Kings will make a run at the Sabres superstar.

"LA is a team that people should be looking long and hard with (Quinton) Byfield, (Alex) Turcotte and plenty of other pieces," said the source. "And does Buffalo really want to play against this guy a bunch every year or do they want him in the Western Conference?"

Both these options are intriguing, but which one do you feel makes the most sense?