NHL fan gets the shaft from his favorite team on draft day.

NHL fan gets the shaft from his favorite team on draft day.

A hockey fan has just had the worst luck imaginable on draft day thanks to his favorite team.

Jonathan Larivee

If you're a big time fan of any sport you're more than likely going to have a favorite team or athlete that you root for and more than likely that is going to, at some point or another, lead you to both incredible highs and incredible lows.

Unfortunately for one fan of the National Hockey League, he got to experience both of those feelings just mere hours apart on Day 2 of the NHL draft on Saturday, thanks to some big time moves on the draft floor from his favorite team.

That fan, identified only as "Tyler" took to social media on in the early hours of Saturday morning to proudly announce that he had finally taken the plunge and made the decision to splurge on a beautiful Tampa Bay Lightning jersey. Did I mention that the Lightning made two big trades on draft day, dealing away one of their top defensemen to Utah and one of their enforcers to the Los Angeles Kings?

That's right poor Tyler made the announcement that he had purchased a Mikhail Sergachev jersey.

"Just ordered it. Finally," wrote the jubilant fan.

Tyler sent his original tweet out at 12:16 am on Saturday morning and less than 12 hours later, the Lightning would deal Sergachev to Utah in one of the biggest trade deals of the day. As you would expect, poor Tyler was less than pleased with the decision from his team, and with his own decision to finally purchase a Sergachev jersey at the worst possible time.

NHL jerseys can be a very expensive purchase for fans and committing to that kind of purchase only to have the rug pulled from under you is a horrible feeling. Add to that the fact that Tyler appears to have thought long and hard before making his purchase, and your heart really does break for the poor guy.

The one silver lining here is that Tyler's story is getting a ton of attention, and hopefully that means this will all result in a happy ending for Tyler.