NHL fan proposes to girlfriend during Leafs-Bruins game in the BEST way possible!

She had to say yes!

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We love the way fans get more and more involved during hockey games as we set tremendously creatives costumes and antics to get noticed and be seen on national TV. A lot took place during Monday night's game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins as one couple went viral when they were noticed because of the handmade sign they brought to the game. 

Prior to puck drop between the Leafs and Bruins on Monday night, Paul Zernett, a Leafs fans, and his wife Leah, who cheers for the Bruins, raised the stakes with quite the bet regarding what team their newborn son will one day cheer for, stating the winner of the game would be their unborn son's favourite team. 

While the sign is quite original, nothing will beat this one fan, who proposed to his girlfriend in the best way possible during the contest. And you can be sire his proposal was noticed and seen on national TV! 

A man named Mike was gifted an entire commercial to propose to his girlfriend who was watching the game with him at home. He used the 30-second segment to share his love to his girlfriend and asked her to become his wife. Here is the commercial and the best proposal yet! 

Later in the evening, Peoples Jewelry shared the video everyone was waiting for: the footage of the girlfriend, Christina, reacting to the commercial and answering the big question. 

 She had to say yes! And she did. 

"Mike was looking for a big way to pop the question. So we decided to help him by giving him our commercial time during last night's @MapleLeafs game. We placed hidden cameras to capture the reaction, & we're happy to say...Christina said yes!"

For the hockey lovers, it was the perfect way to share this special moment with their passion. The fact that he did it at home made the proposal intimate and definitely memorable. 

What a great idea. Let's see how someone else can top this off! 

Oh and in case Mike and Christina do not remember what happened after the exciting proposal, here is a game recap of the contest that marks the start of their new life a future husband and wife: