NHL fans “freaking out” after video shows veteran goalie getting destroyed at practice.

Fans may be finally losing their patience.

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A rather damning video made it's way online today showing veteran goaltender Antti Niemi getting absolutely demolished during a practice with the Montreal Canadiens, the team that claimed him off waivers. 

In the video Niemi looks like a piece of Swiss cheese as pucks go flying past him, in fact so many of the shots beat him that it's hard to spot any saves or even merely any positive points about his play, and Habs fans may have had enough. 

Not only have those fans had to deal with a second significant injury to star goaltender Carey Price this season, an injury that seems to have once again been made worse by incompetence from the team itself, but once again the Canadiens are being perceived as an organization that is not being honest with it's fans when it comes to injuries to their star players. 

Add to that the fact that a man brought in to serve as a backup has looked awful this season when he has been in goal and fans are starting to freak out. 

"Montreal Canadiens fans are freaking out because they've seen Antti Niemi play before, and it hasn't been pretty," said TSN insider Bob McKenzie during NBC's broadcast of tonight's game. 

Niemi was brought in by general Marc Bergevin after a number of injuries in goal, but the once untouchable general manager seems to be fading in terms of popularity in Montreal, and his decision to pick up Niemi certainly won't be helping that.

You can see the relevant clip at the start of the video below, the video is from French language station RDS and as a result the commentary over the clip is also in french.