NHL fans publicly shamed during San Jose Sharks game.

NHL fans publicly shamed during San Jose Sharks game.

A group of unsuspecting NHL fans were called out in front of thousands of their fellow fans.

Jonathan Larivee

The San Jose Sharks teamed up with a rather infamous YouTuber this season to bring awareness to an important issue, and now the footage has been released to the masses.

Earlier in the season the Sharks teamed up with YouTuber Mark Rober to raise awareness about the dangers of being on your phone while driving. Unfortunately for a number of unsuspecting NHL fans, the public service announcement would come in the form of their public humiliation.

That's because as those fans arrived on scene at the arena, a number of them were caught doing exactly what they shouldn't be doing while behind the wheel. Rober had the footage to prove it as well and publicly shamed the fans in question by first broadcasting the video recording of their misdeeds on the jumbotron and then following that up with a shot of those very same fans live in the arena.

As you might expect this resulted in a few embarrassed fans, but it will be well worth the price of a little shame if the message manages to save even a single life.