NHL general manager caught in a lie

Who's telling the truth here?

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Following the massive trade that saw Kyle Turris leave the Ottawa Senators and bring in Matt Duchene, general manager Pierre Dorion revealed a key detail that ultimately led to the blockbuster.

After signing a 6-year deal with the Nashville Predators, it seemed that Turris simply wasn't invested in a long-term deal with the Sens, seeing as he wouldn't come to the table with the same terms he ended up being signed to in Tennessee.

Turris later shed some light on this.

Okay, so to be more specific in regards to the headline of this article - Dorion was caught in a lie by omission. Yes, Turris didn't come to the table with a 6-year option at any point, but the Sens' GM never even tried offering it.

This stinks of a situation where neither the player or organization had any plan to actually strike a deal.