NHL GM calls out insider for false trade rumor, says “He's full of sh*t.”

WOW! NHL GM slams insider over trade rumor report.

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In many ways this story will serve as an update to the big trade rumor we reported this morning, you can view the original story here.

Earlier today insider Jimmy Murphy claimed that not one, but two National Hockey League executives confirmed to him that the Anaheim Ducks were shopping defenseman Hampus Lindholm, a truly shocking turn of events, and a move that would lead to a blockbuster trade should Lindholm be traded. Now however there is a very conflicting report.

According to TSN's Travis Yost, he has been informed by Anaheim general manager Bob Murray that the rumors are false, and in fact Murray went so far as to issue a damning statement of Murphy's claims.

"He's full of sh*t," said Murray as per Yost.

It's rare for a GM to admit to a trade rumor even if it's true, but the way he denied this one does make it seem like he may be telling the truth, especially if he's willing to call out a reporter in such a fashion.

For the sake of full disclosure, Murphy is sticking to his guns, and is standing by his sources despite the comment from Murray, so this one is far from over.