NHL GM comments on the rumors of P.K. Subban being traded to his team.

NHL GM talks about the massive trade rumor involving his team.

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One of the major rumors surrounding teams that have already started their offseason has been the rumored trade involving P.K. Subban going to Edmonton in exchange for Taylor Hall and an additional piece.  In an effort to receive clarification one way or the other, one of hockey's top insiders, TSN's Darren Dreger, spoke directly to the Oilers general manager, Peter Chiarelli, and he received a rather candid answer.

“Specific to Edmonton, I mean Peter Chiarelli just told me point blank there’s been no conversation," said Dreger as per Nichols on Hockey. "Very likely wouldn’t be any conversation. This is all just industry fodder that you guys, and he’s talking to me, want to talk about when things are slow." 

With that said, while squashing one rumored trade, Dreger left the window open for a great many others. He would go on to state during the interview that he still believes there is a chance the Canadiens deal Subban prior to July 1st when his trade protection kicks in.

“All I can tell you is what was the latest round. Taylor Hall and something out of Edmonton for P.K. Subban. You know, when these things surface, as Insiders we have to get to a source who is either going to completely dismiss or verify that there’s at least the potential, there’s a chance, as Duthie would suggest – not with Edmonton, but – a chance that Subban can get traded."

This opens up a lot of interesting questions, if the Canadiens are in fact interested in dealing Subban, as rumors of a rift in the locker room would suggest they are, and Edmonton is not a potential trading partner, then who would be?

And furthermore if the Oilers are in fact, Chiarelli himself stated, considering trading their 4th overall pick for a top pairing defenseman, who could they be targeting if not Subban?